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Hartford County, CT Public Records

Hartford County public records refer to all of the data which is generated, received, utilized, or stored by local government agencies regardless of its makeup. There is a presumption of public access to these documents in accordance with public records laws unless there are legal exemptions. There are restrictions, for example, on vital records such as births, marriages, deaths, and divorces. Parents, spouses, legal representatives, and persons of the record are allowed to get certified copies from the vital records office. Divorce records, though, are accessed from the Judicial Clerk’s office. Charges for these records at the designated offices range from $20 to $30. Property records are available for public viewing and inspection. Typically, searchable records are accessed via the Town Clerk’s website.

Courts in Hartford County

Court Records in Hartford County, Connecticut

Hartford County court records can access court record copies provided there are no exclusions under the law or judicial seals. Interested parties may visit the courthouses in person, where the cases were heard, to get specific court records. Alternatively, record seekers may get access to the records online via the different court hierarchies. Probate courts in Hartford County, for one, have a case search page that allows individuals to search case details. Similarly, Connecticut’s Superior Court offers a criminal records and motor vehicle search page. The highest court in the county is the Connecticut Supreme Court and Appellate Courts, which also have a lookup search page. Court records that are designated confidential online include juvenile cases, income returns issues, adoptions, and ongoing criminal investigations.

Court Name:
9 Austin Drive, S211
240 Stafford Avenue
250 Constitution Plaza, 3rd Floor
50 South Main Street, Room 318
West Hartford
1540 Sullivan Avenue
South Windsor
740 Main Street, 1st Floor
East Hartford
66 Cedar Street
One Liberty Square
New Britain

Jails and Prisons in Hartford County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Hartford County, Connecticut

Hartford County inmate records may be accessed by the general public. There are no county jails in Hartford County, though, but the Department of Corrections oversees incarceration in the state. It also provides an inmate search lookup for interested parties to find people detained at the state jails. These records should provide information on the person’s physical status, charges, sentencing information, and the detaining facility. Inmates are allowed visits from the public though these have to be scheduled in advance. The visitors would have to contact the state facilities via phone or visit the Department of Corrections. Hartford County does have 13 state, city jails and prisons serving 120,576 residents. It is ranked sixth out of the eight counties in jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
131 North Main Street
31 School Street
East Hartford
253 High Street
239 East Middle Turnpike, Po Box 191
125 Columbus Boulevard
New Britain
131 Cedar Street
103 Raymond Road
West Hartford

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Hartford County

Arrest Records in Hartford County, Connecticut

Hartford arrest records are documents that illustrate apprehensions made by law enforcement personnel following suspected criminal involvement. They are not to be confused with criminal records, though, because they do not include convictions. The record includes the arrestee’s physical details, arresting officer, charges, and the circumstances of the apprehension. Arrest records are not covered by open public records laws due to the sensitive nature of the information. They may include ongoing criminal investigations, domestic abuse, or other sensitive details. For that reason, arrest records are mostly accessible to law enforcement personnel, parties to the record, and legal representatives. They are also generated by the law enforcement agencies like the Sheriff’s office and police departments. Hartford County has 39 police departments, and the crime rate is 30.55 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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